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YouTube Stream

The third annual Stream conference brought together top influencers, video marketers, and brands who shared their strategies and insights on sales, audience growth, brand building, and influencer gain.  In order to elevate the speakers content into an experiential narrative, the main stage was designed to tap into the intellectual and emotional dimensions of the audience’s senses to create a memorable and meaningful experience that contributed to the greater whole of the conference narrative. 

stream day 3 001.JPG


Los Angeles, CA





Roles and Responsibilities

Environmental Design Lead


Agency : MKTG

Creative Direction : Nikhil Parsad

Environmental Design : Chris Nyfield 

Graphic Design : Maritess Desiderio

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stream day 3 377.JPG
stream day 3 426.JPG
stream day 3 419.JPG
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stream day 3 048.JPG
stream day 3 105.JPG
stream day 3 329.JPG
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