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Amazon CES

Designed to accommodate a variety of executive business meetings; we created a calm and inviting environment punctuated by unique analog and digital experiences that provide a moment's respite from the hustle and bustle of CES.  Pulling from a variety of optimistic eras, we tuned our space to deliver a clean modern look with a sharp technological edge. Smooth curves, modern lighting, natural wood finishes and comfortable textures all play a role in defining the Beyond Lounge. Equipped with 15 meeting rooms, cafe, and customizable themed lighting the space can be used in a variety of ways to complement any of amazon's partners and affiliates.

r4_Camera 01_AmazonCES_2022.png


Las Vegas, Nevada





Roles and Responsibilities

Environmental Design Lead


Agency : Jack Morton

Creative Direction : Ryan Thomson

Graphic Design : Ralph Buenconsejo

r4_Camera 01_AmazonCES_2022.png
r4_Camera 20_AmazonCES_2022.png
r4_Camera 19_AmazonCES_2022.png
r4_Camera 21_AmazonCES_2022.png
r4_Camera 18_AmazonCES_2022.png
r4_Camera 10_AmazonCES_2022.png
r4_Camera 02_AmazonCES_2022.png
r4_Camera 04_AmazonCES_2022.png
r4_Camera 05_AmazonCES_2022.png
r4_Camera 16_AmazonCES_2022.png
r4_Camera 17_AmazonCES_2022.png
r4_Camera 06_AmazonCES_2022.png
r4_Camera 07.2_AmazonCES_2022.png
r4_Camera 03_AmazonCES_2022.png
r4_Camera 08_AmazonCES_2022.png
r4_Camera 09_AmazonCES_2022.png
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