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McDonald's Worldwide

Our stage concept for the 2022 World Wide Conference takes physical form in the main hall where giant arches ascend through the ceiling, embracing the audience in a warm glow and welcoming smile.  The dramatic perspective accentuates the three legs of the arches, serving as a metaphor to the Three-Legged-Stool and nodding to the idea that all roads lead home.  A place where we laugh, learn, talk, debate, and celebrate together.   Through a variety of different multisensory stage sets we surprise and delight the audience and build the McFamily feeling in a way that only McDonald's can. 

r1_Camera 02_Look01_McDonalds.png


Orlando, Florida





Roles and Responsibilities

Environmental Design Lead


Agency : Jack Morton

Creative Direction : Eric Dean & Alex Esguerra

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r1_Camera 01_Look01_McDonalds.png
r1_Camera 02_Look01_McDonalds.png
r1_Camera 01_Look02_McDonalds.png
r1_Camera 02_Look02_McDonalds.png
r1_Camera 01_Look03_McDonalds.png
r1_Camera 02_Look03_McDonalds.png
r1_Camera 01_Look08_McDonalds.png
r1_Camera 02_Look08_McDonalds.png
r1_Camera 01_Look05_McDonalds.png
r1_Camera 02_Look05_McDonalds.png
r1_Camera 01_Look04_McDonalds.png
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